Q: What is a Euro Style Subcage?

A: Euro style means that the pegs are at an upward angle, to give the rider better foot positioning when the bike is leaned over in a circle.



Q: What is the difference between the OG cage and the Pro Series Cage?

A: The OG cage is a standard stunt bike cage, with 3 points of contact (Rear motor mount, Front motor mount and cross bar) where as the Pro Series cages are more compact while still utilizing the same mounting strategy.



Q: Where Can I see what the powdercoat colors actually look like?

A: You can visit the powdercoat page here to see what each color looks like.



Q: Do you make parts for my bike? I don't see it on here.

A: If it isn't on the site, then we haven't made one yet, but feel free to send us an email with your year, make and model!


Q: What is the current lead time on this part?

A: We are in the process of building inventory, but the current lead time is 1-2 weeks on cages, subcages, subframes and 12 bars. We stock inventory of clip ons and caliper brackets.


Q: What is the warranty on my cage?

A: All welded components have a LIFETIME warranty! However, this does not include:

-Hardware failure

-Material failure

-Damage from missing pucks

-Intentional Misuse


Q: What is your return policy?

A: No returns after 30 days

25% Restocking Fee

Shipping is nonrefundable


Q: Shipping cost seems high?

A: Sometimes the way our shipping system calculates shipping it gets outta hand... If this happens to you, try breaking the order up into multiple orders